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ZOOGLEBURST English adventure game with quest type story line. Requires reading, solving word puzzles and riddles and use of descriptive words to complete tasks.

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Revision PowerPoints

  1. Capital Letters
  2. Word classes / commas/ plurals / synonyms and antonyms
  3. Sentence types and Speech
  4. Complex sentences /  Colons & Semi Colons / Comparative & Superlative
  5. Formals and Informal / Higher level punctuation / apostrophes
  6. General Revision
Active & Passive Voice
Collective nouns
Colons and semicolons
Dashes and hyphens
Formal and informal + subjunctive
Modal verbs
Possibility adverbs and modal verbs
Relative clauses
Standard English
Subordinate clauses
There / their / they're
Verb tenses

Prefixes and suffixes
50 Commonly misspelled words - test
50 more commonly misspelled words
Words ending in 'tion'
Words with unstressed vowels                   Words with unstressed vowels 2
Words ending in a                                         Words ending in o
Y to i and add es                                             Plurals of words ending in f
Words from the root 'act'                            Auto / bio and graph words
bi & tele words                                               trans and circ words
words ending in ology                                 words ending in ful
words from the root 'sign'                           words with a soft 'c'
words with a hard'c'                                    words with ight or ie
'our' & 'ear' words                                       'ough' and 'oo' words
homophones                                                  more homophones
suffixes 'ion' and 'ian'                                  words ending in 'tion' 
i before e except after c                               words ending in i or u
irregular plurals                                          suffix 'ssion'
words ending in 'cious'                               words ending in 'tious'
words ending in 'cial'                                  words ending in ck or ke
words ending in 'tial'                                  words ending in 'ant' 
words ending in 'ance'                                words ending in 'ent'
words ending in 'ency'                                words ending in 'able'
words ending in 'ible'                                  words with silent letters
words ending in 'ably'                         
words which are easily confused             more easily confused words

TEST 1      TEST 2    TEST 3      TEST 4    TEST 5

Michael Rosen's website
Roald Dahl
Shaun Tan

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