Saturday, 11 November 2017

Homework 10th to 17th November (updated)

There are 3 tasks to complete this week:

·        Write a book review
·        Fractions (complete at least one sheet - see below)

·        100 Word Challenge 
This week we are looking at using clauses and commas.
The prompt is:

…but where would we hide it all?…

Things to think about:
 > What is the ‘all’ referred to?
 >  Where is it now?
 >  Why does it have to be moved?

Remember you must use the words in the prompt exactly as they are.

How to write a book review.

Below is a list of questions about your book. If you answer them carefully and in detail, your answers will form a detailed book review which gives your opinion of the book.
Answer in sentences to form paragraphs under the following headings rather than numbering your answers or using bullets points.

What happened in the story?
What was the story about?
What length of time did the book cover?
Was what happened unusual? Ordinary?
What was the opening of the story like? Exciting? Slow? Dramatic? Dull?
How did the events of the story follow on from each other?

Who were the main characters?
What were they like?
Were they described in much detail?
Which character did you find the most interesting? Give a specific reason for your answer
Did this character change as the story developed? How?
What kind of relationships and / or conflicts were there?

Comments on style
Was the story written in the first or third person? (‘I’ or ‘he’ / ‘she’)
How important was this to the story?
Was the setting described in detail?
Were feelings described in detail?
Was it a good story? Why?
What was your favourite moment in the story? Why?
Where there any moments (or characters) that might have been improved? If so, what changes would you make?

Do you think the author had a particular reason for telling the story?
How did you feel during and after reading it?
Do you think you learned anything from the book about people or life?
Would you recommend this book? Give one​convincing reason why!
Would you read other books by the same author?

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