Sunday, 11 February 2018

Half Term Week

Half term holiday homework

Your task is to promote tourism to Skegness by creating an advertising campaign. You should create at least 2 of the following;
Video advert (max 30 seconds)
Radio advert (max 30 seconds)
Newspaper advert (A4 size)
Poster (A3 size max)

There is also a 100 Word Challenge this week. The focus is on using verbs and adverbs. You have to include the phrase:

…we were moving very fast when …

Things to consider: Where were you going? Does speed make a difference? What would changing the speed do?

Last week, Lexi's 100 Word Challenge was chosen to be part of the weekly special showcase alongside work by students from Ireland, USA, Canada, Malaysia, as well as the UK. You can read more of our 100 Word Challenges here.

Golden Leaves
Our Golden Leaf winners last week were Scarlett and Kai-Stuart.

Parent Drop-in
It was good to see so many parents joining us on Thursday morning.

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