Sunday, 11 September 2016

Oliver Twist performance review by Rhianna

On Tuesday, 6th September 2016, M&M theatre company came to our school to perform Oliver Twist. It lasted around an hour, and it was very, very good.

Oliver is an orphaned boy who is placed in the workhouse by his mother just before she dies. The actress who played Oliver did very well, especially in her accent playing Oliver.

Oliver is then disgraced out of the workhouse for asking for more (at this point they all break into song) then the chef comes in and calls out to Mr. Ball. He then calls Mr Ball 'Baldy' (everybody thought that was hilarious) and asked him what a potato was. Mr. Ball replied, "A potato." The chef calls it "Une pomme de terre", meaning potato in French, and runs offstage.

Oliver is then tried to be sold for being a disgrace. He then meets a person nicknamed The Artful Dodger. The actor who played Dodger was very funny, and kept making people laugh.

Dodger takes Oliver to Fagin's home/hideout, where he met Fagin and Nancy. Fagin tries to pretend that everything belongs to them, but fails. Nancy's actor was very good at using emotion.

One day Oliver picks a pocket from a man, who he thinks he doesn't recognise. He takes Oliver to his house, and he spies a painting that looks a lot like him.

Meanwhile, Dodger, Fagin, Nancy and Bill (the boss, and also Nancy's boyfriend) are all worrying whether or not Oliver is telling on them. So Nancy goes to rescue him.

It turns out, Oliver really liked living there, so Nancy made a plan to hide him back at the man's house. The plan worked, and eventually Oliver discovered that the man was his Grandfather.

I really liked the play, and afterwards we took a behind the scenes tour. What surprised me was that there were only 4 cast members, and over 20 characters!

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