Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review of Oliver Twist by Kirsten

M and M's production of Oliver Twist set our first week off to a great start. With singing and dancing, amazing scenes and amazing after workshops, this has been this best yet. 
Oliver is dumped at an orphanage and his mother dies at the scene. He has to clean and all he ever gets is gruel. Oh, Food Glorious Food. With name calling of Mr. Ball by a mad chef, Food Glorious Food is made super fun and exciting! Oliver is then taken for sale and runs away. He joins Fagin's gang and gets caught. It turns out that he is taken in by this Grandfather. Nancy goes out to get Oliver back but does the wrong thing, her boyfriend Bill Sykes then tries to go after her. Nancy takes Oliver out to take Oliver to his Grandfather. Does this all end happily?
M and M's Oliver Twist was exceptionally good and I can't wait to see how what their next performance is like! 

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