Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Last week in English by Molly and Aimee

In English we are still reading the book called Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. We have been reading the fifth and sixth chapters. Goodnight Mr Tom is a great book which was written in the setting of 1930s. (When the world war II which was just about to begin.)
MichelleMagorian is 69 years old and was born the day after bonfire night. She has written lots of other books like Back Home, A Little Love song and much more. She was born in 1947.

Also in guided reading we have been reading more of the book called Holes. We have read all chapters up to chapter 13. Holes is a different kind of book to Goodnight Mr Tom. Goodnight Mr Tom is set in the World War II and Holes is set mainly in a camp.

Getting back to Goodnight Mr Tom. In this story Tom, one of the main characters, likes to keep himself to himself. Mr Oakley, also known as Tom is a character who is caring and getting very old. He is in his 60s and loves William so much. At the beginning of the story William and Thomas hardly know each other and now they are like family to each other. William always calls Tom, Mister Tom and doesn’t ask too many questions about Tom or anything, but he does to ask a couple of questions.

Willie was quite unusual and had never had a bath. He didn’t even know what it was! He thought it was for him to swim in and he said, “Please, mister. I can’t swim. I’ll drown!”

Willie doesn’t even know how to use a bar of soap. He got some soap on his hands and rubbed his eyes. That must hurt OWW.

On Remembrance Day we looked at some wartime poetry with Mrs Wellsted.

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