Sunday, 6 November 2016

This week in English by Kirsten and Isabelle

This week in English we have been reading Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. It is about a boy called William Beech being evacuated because of World War II. He has been evacuated to a 60 year old man called Thomas Oakley. In the story we found out how they cope together and become friends.
We have been answering questions in comprehensions and thinking about how characters feel.
We did a fun activity when we were starting to read the book. We had to guess how the person opened the door. We had to look at their emotions and actions and guess from there.
We have also been looking at spellings and looking at –tion and –sion words. Everyone in the class had to pick a word that they thought no one else had on their list. If they spelt it correctly and no one had it they got a raffle ticket.
We have also been writing diary entries from Tom's point of view and looking at how dialogue is set out.

In guided reading we have been reading a book called Holes by Louis Sachar. It is about a boy that is 'bad' and goes to Camp Green Lake and has to dig holes. We have been answering questions about it. His name is Stanley Yelnats and he isn’t coping very well.

By Kirsten and Isabelle

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